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Oldham County is one of the many counties in the state of Texas. As part of Texas, Oldham abides by the U.S. laws pertaining to revealing court dockets, documents, and proceedings to the public.

Although court proceedings are kept confidential, anyone who wishes to look for information regarding a certain individual can still be granted partial disclosure of the records. To acquire documents directly from Oldham County courthouses, you can call or visit the following.

Oldham County 222nd District Court

P.O. Box 360, Vega TX 79092

Phone: (806)-267-2667

Oldham County Constitutional Court

P.O. Box 195, Vega TX 79092

Phone: (806)-267-2607

Oldham County Justice of the Peace Court

P.O. Box 370, Vega TX 79092

Phone: (806)-267-2619

Vega Municipal Court

P.O. Box 470, Vega TX 79092-0470

Phone: (806)-267-2144

If you have any problems regarding the public records that you wish to obtain, you can always ask assistance from the county clerk located at Oldham County 222nd District Court. This person is in charge when it comes to keeping and organizing all the records of court proceedings.

Another reliable yet quick way of getting the dockets that you want is through online research. You can visit Oldham County’s official website, www.co.oldham.tx.us, which offers an organized database of court case information.

If you have tried all these options and still can’t find the data that you need, you can visit Oldham County Library located at 914 E Main Street, Vega, Texas or call (806) 267-2635.

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