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Whenever you meet someone around Wheeler County, do you ever wonder if he deserves to be trusted? It is a tough decision to make. Today, the world is getting more complicated than before. You can never tell who your real friends are. Texas is similar to other states. It is filled with issues about the government and politics. Courthouses are becoming popular because everyone is digging up court records to guarantee safety when meeting strangers.

Overall, Wheeler County has six courthouses. The district court handles and stores civil and criminal cases. The Wheeler County district court is situated in the main city. You can also reach them by calling 806-826-5961.

The constitutional court has a higher degree of responsibility than the district court. You can also find this in the main city and it can be reached by calling 806-826-5961.

Wheeler County has a justice court with two precincts. The justice court is where minor cases or violations committed under the local code, such as traffic tickets and zoning, are being taken care of. Precinct 1 is located along Alan Bean Boulevard. You can reach at 806-826-5768 or fax to 806-826-3458. Precinct 2 is located in west Shamrock City. You can reach them by phone at 806-256-2552 or fax to 806-256-2751.

The municipal court works with cases relating to legal rights. Wheeler County has two municipal courts. The court located on 2nd Street in Shamrock City can be reached at 806-256-3281. The court located in the main city can be reached at 806-826-5768.

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