Ways of Finding Court Decisions in Dewitt County, Texas

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Court records contain detailed transcriptions of court proceedings. The confidentiality of these files is maintained, thus, no online database can be found in counties such as Dewitt, Texas. However, there are still ways that you can find such records.

The first step is to go to their official homepage, located at www.co.dewitt.tx.us. From there, you can find out where you can access the dockets you need. Usually, you must obtain these files from the courthouses. You may also ask for assistance from the county clerk.

There are several courthouses in Dewitt County. They have three district courts, the 24th, 135th, and 267th. These three courthouses can be contacted at P.O. Box 845, Cuero, Texas. You can contact them by phone at (361) 275-0931 or by fax at (361) 275-0934. Dewitt County also has a constitutional court, found at 307 North Gonzales Street, Cuero, Texas. You can give them a call at (361) 275-0864 or fax them at (361) 275-0866 before you go there. If you wish to know more about the other courthouses, just browse through their website and find out where you can locate them and how to contact them.

The county clerk can also be a helpful person when it comes to court files. This person’s job is to store and sort all the public and court records of the residents of Dewitt County. You can visit the county clerk at 307 North Gonzales Street, Cuero, Texas. The office is open every Monday at 8:00 a.m. You can also call at (361) 275-0864 or fax at (361) 275-0866.

Your final choice is to go to Dewitt County’s public libraries. There are two public libraries. The Carl & Mary Welhausen Library is located at 810 Front Street, Yoakum, Texas. The phone number is (361) 293-5001. The Cuero Public Library is located at 207 East Main Street, Cuero, Texas. They can be reached at (361) 275-2864.

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