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Court records are the best source for information regarding the details of court cases and the people involved. However, obtaining court records can be very difficult because of a law that limits public access to them. In Liberty County, Texas there are still legal ways to gain access to court records.

Your first stop should be the county courthouse. In Liberty County, Texas, the county courthouse is located at 1923 Sam Houston St., Liberty, TX. You can contact them at (936) 336-4686. Inside the county courthouse the Court at Law is one place you can inquire about court records. The office can be found in Room 222 and the contact number is (936) 336-4662. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected]. The county clerk is an official that works in the county courthouse and can help you. It is the county clerks responsibility to keep records regarding court proceedings. If you want to send mail to the Liberty County clerk, the mailing address is P.O. Box 369, Liberty, TX. You can also call them at (936) 336-4670 or fax them at (936) 334-8174.

Another option that you have is to search for the court dockets on the internet. One website that will have useful information is the official website of Liberty County, Texas which is On this website, you will find information regarding the county courts and officials that can help you access the records. You can also find the address for the countys libraries here. They often keep older court records on hand for historical preservation.

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