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Erath County is one of the counties in Texas that does not have an online database of its court dockets. They abide with the legal jurisdiction of United States when it comes to making court proceedings public. At times, they offer partial release of the documents, provided that it is permitted by the court or the person involved in the record.

To make sure that you follow the right and legal process of getting data from the court about a certain person, you can personally go to the courthouses in Erath County. The court at law in Erath County is located at 100 W Washington, Stephenville, Texas and can be contacted at (254) 965-1417 and fax number (254) 965-1402. You can also email them at [email protected]. The Erath district court is located at 112 West College Street, Stephenville, Texas. Its number is (254) 965-1485, and its fax is (254) 965-4287. Its email is [email protected]. If you are having trouble finding the records, you can contact the county clerk at (254) 965-1482, or fax at (254) 965-5732. You can also directly ask assistance from this person at 100 West Washington, Stephenville, Texas. The county clerk at Erath has a website that provides public services. Simply visit Any information that is found on this website is gathered, controlled and given exclusively for the convenience of the public users. There is an effort to make these files factual, but the county clerk does not guarantee the authenticity of the data contained. Any omitted part or error in the data is not liable to the county clerk. For more details, you can always visit the official website of Erath County, which is

Aside from going online or visiting the courthouses and county clerks regarding court dockets, you can also try the public libraries in Erath County. Dublin Public Library is located at 206 W Blackjack Street, Dublin and its number is (254) 445-4141. You can also visit Stephenville Public Library at 174 N Columbia Street Stephenville, Texas, or call (254) 918-1240.

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