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Wichita County is where the headquarters of the European Jet Pilot Training Program was established. This Texas county has a capital city that speaks for itself. It was named Wichita Falls because of its natural environment. The city has four lakes that are perfect for outdoor relaxation. A 54-foot high waterfall has been flowing continuously for over 25 years. The city is known to have the smallest skyscraper in the world and is the hometown of the popular pop-punk band, Bowling for Soup.

Wichita County is not that big, however, the place is occupied with beautiful and talented people. Like other Texas counties, it does not matter whether it is popular or not. It may look like a family-friendly place to stay but you still have to be extra careful with people you come across. This is why free court records search are being offered. Courthouses allow you to access information to know anyones real identity.

Use the following details for your reference about Wichita County court records:

There are three Wichita County district courts located in room 303 on 7th Street in the city of Wichita Falls. You can call civil court records at 940-766-8190 or criminal court records at 940-766-8187. The constitutional court is located in room 202 on the same street. You can call them at 940-766-8101 or fax to 940-766-8289.

Wichita County has two courts at law and they are also located on the same street. Law#1 is in room 201 and can be reached at 940-766-8107. Their fax number is 940-766-8156. Law#2 is in room 353 and can be reached at 940-766-8111. Their fax number is 940-716-8566.

You can also find municipal courts on Sheppard Road in Burkburnett, Electra, Iowa Park and Bluff Street in Wichita Falls.

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