3 Ways to Search for Court Records in Dickens County, Texas

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Court records are files that contain a comprehensive transcription of court proceedings. For this reason, there are policies that control the disclosure of such documents. In Dickens County, they abide by this legal jurisdiction as followed by the State of Texas. However, you can still gain partial access as long as it is granted by the court and the person involved.

There is no online database that contains court files in Dickens County, but you can go to their official website, which is www.co.dickens.tx.us, to learn about the available resources for finding legal records and how to obtain them. The county clerk will also help you with your research and tell you which courthouse holds the dockets you need to obtain. You can contact this person at (806) 623-5531. The county clerk can assist you in looking for the files in the district and constitutional courts. The 110th district court and constitutional courts in Dickens can be mailed at P.O. Box 120, Dickens, Texas. Their contact numbers are (806) 623-5531 and (806) 623-5240, respectively. This makes it easy to look for the files since the two courts are found in one location.

If the records that you are looking for are not found in either of the two courts, you can go to their public library instead. Dickens County Spur Public Library is found at 415 East Hill Street, Spur, Texas. You can also contact them regarding their library hours by phone at (806) 271-3714.

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