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Atascosa, Texas Court Records Search

There may be counties in Texas that provide an online database of court documents that can be browsed by anyone with just a click of a mouse. However, many of the websites you may encounter pose security risks. It is good to visit only official sites to avoid scams. In Atascosa County, online access to court dockets is limited. You are required to provide certain information before being directed to a page where you can view all the details you need.

For citizens who find it comfortable to visit a physical office for their concerns, it is best to go to the county’s probate court first. The probate court mostly holds information regarding economic and civil issues. Their office is located at 1 Courthouse Circle Dr. #101, Jourdanton, Texas, 78026-3446. Their telephone number is (830) 769-3093. They have a number of staff members available to serve you.

You can also visit the county clerk, who retains a number of specific documents and can entertain your concerns immediately. The office is at 1 Courthouse Circle, #102, Jourdanton, Texas 78026. You can call them at (830) 767-2511 or send your fax to (830) 769-1021.

Also in Atascosa County, they have a sheriff’s department that can provide you with records concerning an arrest or any other criminal offenses. The office is located at 1108 Campbell Avenue, Jourdanton, Texas 78026. For direct contact, you may call them at (830) 769-3434. You may send your fax message to (830) 769-2721.

Lastly, the department of health services can be a good option too. They can provide you with variety of vital records regarding a certain individual. They also have different services that you may utilize to help you with your court docket search. You can visit their office located at 1100 W. 49th Street, Austin, TX 78756. You can reach them by phone at (888) 963-7111 or (512) 458-7111. Or, you may fax them at (512) 458-7711.

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