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Since Garza County, Texas does not directly provide court information online, it also does not provide searchable court cases, proceedings, including court decisions and records. However, you can pay to obtain court records from some websites. Aside from these online sources, there are still number of ways available for you to begin your search.

The best way to begin a Garza County court search is by visiting the district and county court. Both of these offices are located at Courthouse, 1st Floor, 300 West Main Street, Post, Texas 79356. To find out if they have the court dockets that you need, give them a call prior to your visit. They can be reached either through fax or telephone number. Their fax number is (806) 495-4431 and their phone number is (806) 495-4430. You can also visit the county homepage at for further information.

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, you can drop by the county clerks office and ask assistance from them. The county clerks office can also be found where the district and county court is located. They also have the same telephone and fax number as the district and county courthouse.

Still unsure of what you are looking for? The library can always be a big help. In Garza County, they have the Post Public Library where court records are kept and can be retrieved anytime. It is located at 105 E Main Street, Post, Texas 79356. Their telephone number is (806) 990-2149.

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