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Most states and counties do not allow the public to view court records online. There are other ways to get your hands on court records or updates on court proceedings. The best idea is to go to area courts that can provide you with such information.

There are many courts in Starr Country, and each one can help provide you with information regarding the record you are looking for. One of the district courts, the Starr County 229th District Court, is one court you can go to. This district court is located at 401 N. Britton Avenue, Room 304, Rio Grande City, TX 78582. This court can be contacted by phone at (956) 487-8482. Their office can also be faxed for faster record retrieval and transactions at (956) 487-8493.

You can also find updated court records in the Starr County Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 1. This court’s address is 428 W. Hwy 83, Rio Grande City, TX 78582. You can also reach the court by calling (956) 849-4558. The fax number for their office is (956) 847-1103.

Aside from dropping by or giving some of the courts a quick call, another place you can start your search is the county clerk’s office. Generally, the county clerk’s office records from birth and death records to probate and civil filings. You can find this office at Britton Avenue, Room 201, Rio Grande City, TX 78582.

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