How to Find Free Public Court Dockets for Burnet County, Texas

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You are embarking on a search for public court dockets and files. This article provides detailed directions to courthouses, so that you can find specific court records and court decisions in Burnet County.

Burnet County has two district courthouse branches located at 1701 East Polk Street, Suite 90, Burnet, TX 78611. You can phone them at 512-756-5450. Another court, which they call the Courthouse-on-the-Square, is located at 220 South Pierce Street, Burnet, TX 78611. This courthouse also has two branches that can be phoned at 512-756-5406 and faxed at 512-756-5410.

The Burnet County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 is located at 1906 West Highway 29, Burnet, TX 78611. You can phone them at 512-756-8623 and fax them at 512-756-8097. There are 3 more precincts located in the cities of Burnet and Marble Falls. Just ask for directions at Precinct 1 if you want to visit them.

The municipal court located in Bertram can be phoned at 512-355-2197, while the one in Cottonwood Shores can be phoned at 830-693-3830. Another branch in Burnet can be reached by phone at 512-756-2822 or by fax at 512-756-8560. Other branches are located in the cities of Granite Shoals, Highland Haven, Marble Falls and Meadowlakes.

To determine the best option, you can approach the clerk of court, who works at the Courthouse-on-the-Square. The clerk of courts office can be phoned at 512-756-5403, faxed at 512-756-5410, and emailed at [email protected]. You can approach another clerk who works in the district courthouse. His office can be phoned at the same number. Otherwise, you can send a fax to 512-756-5023 and send emails to [email protected].

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