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Most counties in the state of Texas do not allow people to gain access to confidential court cases over the internet. Yet, there are still many ways to access court updates, decisions, and court information. If you are looking for this type of information, begin your search by personally visiting or calling county and district courthouses. Prior to doing that, you may want to visit their website,, in order for you to have an overview of how their court system works.

To obtain detailed and exact information, the best possible way to do it is by visiting Franklin County District Court at PO Box 750, Mount Vernon, Texas 75457. It would also be a good idea to call them before you visit. Their telephone number is (903) 537-8337 and their fax number is (903) 537-8338. Aside from the district court, the county court is also a good place to visit. It is located at 200 N Kaufman St, Mount Vernon, Texas 75457. Their telephone number is (903) 537-2342 x2 and their fax number is (903) 537-2962. Just be ready with cash on hand since credit cards are not accepted in either the district or county courts.

If you need someone to guide you in finding information, the county clerk is always willing to serve you. You may give them a ring at (903) 537-2342 or you may fax them at (903) 537-2962. The county clerk can be visited at 200 N. Kaufman St, Mt. Vernon, Texas 75457.

Lastly, if you still cannot find what you are looking for, the Franklin County Public Library can help you. Take a tour through their website, http// Giving them a call before paying a visit can be favorable to you. Their telephone number is (903) 537-4916. You may also send your queries to their e-mail address, library et The librarys location is 100 East Main Street, PO Box 579, Mt. Vernon, Texas 75457.

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