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The technology we have at this moment allows everyone to have easy access to almost everything that we need, from taxes to bills, to even court files. However, some data are very sensitive and confidential, so that they must be protected from the public and not viewed online. These documents are accessible, but you have to go directly to the office of the county to access this sensitive information.

For Real County, when getting public records such as court records and court dockets, instead of searching the net, why not contact their district court and county court for a greater probability of retrieving the files for which you are searching? You may send your queries and concerns to their clerk through this address: P.O. Box 750, Leakey, Texas. If you want a faster transaction so you can get answers immediately, then calling them personally at their office is also advisable. You can reach them with this number: 830-232-5202. Or, you can fax them at this number: 830-232-6888. They are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so you would have a lot of time to contact them. Just remember to always bring your cash because Real County does not accept credit cards for court records.

You can also visit the Real County Public Library for other concerns and guides to help you with your search. Their website is and their phone number is 830-232-5199, which is an easy way to reach them.

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