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Welcome to Upshur County. This county is being recognized as the home of the legendary soloist, Johnny Mathis, who as in fact a homosexual. To minimize the death threats he was receiving, he hesitated a bit in revealing his real sexual category. This is one of the reasons why court decisions are precisely organized for public viewing. These documents are outlined as court dockets for faster information tracking.

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Checking out court records is the best way to validate a persons credibility. As you can see, it is hard to trust someone you just met for the first time. This article will point out courthouses around Upshur County. Their respective contact information is provided for your convenience. You can find the district court in Gilmer City. Call 903-843-5031 first, to make sure someone is available to serve you. You can also fax them at 903-843-3540. You can also find the constitutional court in this city. Give them a call at 903-843-4003 or send a fax at 903-843-0827.

Upshur County has a Justice of Peace Court with four precincts. In Gilmer City, the precinct on East Butler can be phoned at 903-680-6269 and faxed at 903-680-6769, while the precinct on North Titus can be phoned at 903-843-5023 and faxed at 903-843-4772. The precinct in the main city of Gilmer can be phoned at 903-843-4039 and faxed at 903-843-5347. There is another precinct on Upshur Street of Gladewater City that can be phoned at 903-844-8254 and faxed at 903-844-0103.

In addition to the mentioned courthouses, there are municipal courts established in the cities of Big Sandy, Gilmer and Ore. You can phone the county clerk at 903-843-4015 or fax them at 903-843-5492 to assist you in picking out the appropriate courthouse for you.

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