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Winkler County is named after Colonel Clinton Winkler. This Texas county is notorious for corruption. There was a sheriff who incorporated a dirty ruling system by tolerating retribution and counterfeiting. This only shows that there is a history that people are not afraid of going against the rules. Before you welcome anyone to the neighborhood, you must know how to search court records for free.

Generally speaking, there is no easy way to get hold of Winkler County court records. Websites mostly give out this kind of information for a fee. Your only option is a courthouse. There are at least two courthouses in Winkler County available to serve you. See below for their contact information.

Winkler County Texas Courthouse

112 N Poplar

Kermit, Texas 79745

Phone: 915-586-3401

Winkler County Courthouse

112 S Poplar St

Kermit, Texas 79745

Phone: (432) 586-6841

Winkler County has a constitutional court and a justice court located in the eastside of Kermit City. A municipal court is located southwest of Tornillo Street. Use the numbers below to contact them:

Constitutional Court

Phone: 432-586-6658

Fax: 432-586-3535

Justice Court Precinct 1

Phone: 432-586-2671

Municipal Court

Phone: 432-586-2577

Another justice court and municipal court is located in Wink City. Use the numbers below to contact them:

Justice Court Precinct 2

Phone: 432-527-3450

Municipal Court

Phone: 432-527-3441

You can call the county clerk at 432-586-3401 or the district clerk at 432-586-3359 for further assistance. The Winkler County chief appraiser can be reached at 432-586-2832. You can also send a fax to 432-586-3674 or email [email protected]

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