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Court dockets for Grimes County are not provided online. However, an overview of their judicial system is provided at Gregg County, like many other counties in Texas, maintains confidentiality and privacy of their citizens. That is why criminal records along with the names and places involved are prohibited from online release.

You may begin your records queries by calling their district court at (936) 873-2111. You can also contact them at P.O. Box 234, Anderson, Texas 77830. Visit their website, The district court accepts both cash and credit cards.

Aside from the district court, the county court is also available to serve you. Get in touch with them at (936) 873-4409 or pay them a visit at 101 S Main, Anderson, Texas 77830. It would also be beneficial for you to know that unlike the district court, the county court does not accept credit cards for payment, so be prepared with cash.

The Grimes County court recorder is also at your service, Phone them at (936) 873-4410/4411. The office is located at 100 Main Street, Courthouse, Anderson, Texas 77830.

Your last option is the county library. The Navasota Public Library is located at 1411 E Washington Ave, Navasota, Texas 77868. Their phone number is (936) 825-6744.

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