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We have become accustomed to always running to the internet if we need a piece of information. Usually, the internet provides us with what we need. However, if you are looking for court orders or court documents, the internet might provide you with limited information. Although you may find some information online, you should know that a large number of states and their counties are still uncomfortable giving everything out in the internet. So to save you time and effort looking in the wrong place, it is advisable to go directly to the district and the county courts.

Robertson County may be providing a number of people with simple court decisions online, but if you want to get the meaty part of the court orders, you have to do the writing and give their clerk a nice message about your searching concerns. The district clerk can be reached at this mailing address: P.O. Box 250, Franklin, Texas. Do not also hesitate to give them a call if you want to clarify some information at this number: 979-828-3636.

The second stop in your search is of course the county court. If you need any court orders, the county clerk will be happy to serve you. Just try sending him or her a message at P.O. Box 1029, Franklin, Texas, or you can just call the clerk at this number: 979-828-4130. It is also good to know that neither the district nor county courts are accepting credit cards.

The last option you have is to visit the Robertson County public libraries. Several libraries can be found within the county. They have the Bremond Public Library at 115 S. Main Street, Bremond, Texas, 76629. You may call them at (254) 746-7752. They also have the Smith- Welch Memorial Library at 114 W. 4th St, Hearne, Texas, 77859. You may directly call them at (979) 279-5191. The full list of their libraries can be viewed at

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