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Due to some privacy issues regarding the regulation of personal information about individuals or places, Fannin County, Texas does not provide a complete and exact list of criminals along with their court records. Nevertheless, you can still get some of the information you need. You just have to be patient because some of the information is still available to look over.

If youre not sure of the court records that you are looking for, then visit the Fannin County Courthouse. It is located at 101 East Sam Rayburn Drive, Suite 201, Bonham, TX 75418. They can be contacted at (903) 583-9598. You can also visit the Fannin County Constitutional Courthouse. It is located at 101 East Sam Rayburn Drive, Suite 103, Bonham, TX 75418. Or, you can call them at 903-583-7486. The courthouses hold vital information regarding court records and they can provide you with the civil or criminal records you need.

Another option is to go directly to the county clerk. You can directly ask for assistance from the Fannin County Clerk. The county clerks office is located at 101 E. Sam Rayburn, #102, Bonham, TX 75418. You can reach the clerk at (903) 583-7488 or send a message through fax at (903) 583-9598. They can be a big help since they are the ones who maintain and keep records of the court.

There are also public libraries in Fannin County that can help you search for court records you are not sure of. Try visiting Bertha Voyer Memorial Library or Bonham Public Library. Bertha Voyer Memorial Library is located at 500 N 6th St, Honey Grove, TX 75446. You can call them at (903) 378-2206. Bonham Public Library can be found at 305 E 5th Street, Bonham, TX 75418. You may call them at (903) 583-3128.

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