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Surprisingly, court dockets are not only intended for personal use. These are documents that can be used by aspiring lawyers in their studies. Students who are taking up law school can learn from previous court decisions about a specific case and use them to eventually help them succeed in the future. There is a good chance that strange cases can be amended and minimized.

Travis County is where the capital city of the state of Texas is located. This means that you can find the most number of courthouses and court dockets in this county. The county has a total of 7 court divisions with 47 branches.

The Travis County district court has 11 branches that can be found along Guadalupe Street. You can call at 512-854-2484 or fax at 512-854-9174. The officer-in-charge will help you in choose the exact branch that you can go to.

In addition to the district court, Travis County has a criminal district court with 7 branches. All of them can be found at 509 West 11th in Austin. One of them is on the 3rd floor. Another one can be found on the 6th floor, two are on the 7th floor, and one is on the 9th floor. It is advised to call at 512-854-3663 for immediate assistance. You can also send a fax to 512-854-2227.

To know more about the rest of Travis County court divisions and branches, give the clerk a call at 512-854-4996 or send a fax at 512-854-9075.

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