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Oftentimes, when a person needs something like information or facts, his or her first source would be the internet, since it is a known fact that almost everything is posted on its pages. However, if you are looking for court decisions or court documents, the internet should not be your first priority. Although you can get something from it, you should know that there are still many states and counties that do not give out sensitive information over the internet. So, to save you time, it is advisable to visit the district and the county courts.

If your target county is Roberts, you can always communicate with them by sending a message directed to their county and district clerk to this mailing address: P.O. Box 477,

Miami, Texas. Transactions can also be done with the help of telephones and/or fax machines. To call, just dial 806-868-2341, or 806-868-3381 for fax. Whichever way you choose is better than visiting the site. If you are worried that no one will be there to help you with your concerns, know that it is safe to contact them during their office hours, which are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You must also be aware that the court does not accept any credit cards, so come prepared.

The Roberts County Library is also just around the corner to help you with your searching needs. It is located at 300 W Commercial Street, Miami,Texas and you can give them a ring as well at the number 806-868-4791 for your queries and other court decisions-related concerns.

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