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The State of Texas has counties with little or no historical record. There are also counties that are very rich in history including some notable people, places and events. On the other hand, these facts are not that significant in terms of security purposes. There might be suspicious looking people sneaking around. This article will guide you on how to run a background check within Crane County. You can get specific court dockets for free with this method.

Your first stop will be at the district courthouse. This is established at P.O. Box 578, Crane, TX 79731. You can find both the county clerk and district clerk here as well. The county clerks email address is [email protected] while the district clerks email address is [email protected]. If you want to make a quick phone call, just dial 432-558-3581. They use 432-558-1148 to receive messages from a fax machine.

Another courthouse is established at 201 West Sixth Street, Room 102, Crane, TX 79731. This one is a constitutional court. Their phone number is 432-558-3581.

The Crane County justice court is established at P.O. Box 148, Crane, TX 79731. You can reach them by phone at 432-558-1108, and by fax (432-558-1185). The municipal court is established at 115 West Sixth Street, Crane, TX 79731. You can reach them by phone at 432-558-7747) and by fax at 432-558-3593.

The contact information mentioned above will be your roadmap. Once to get in touch with one of them, clearly state your requests and they will help you go through an archive of court records.

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