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In Hansford County, Texas, you can obtain court case information from several sources. You can go to their website, visit the courthouses, consult their county clerk or even go to their public libraries. If you go online as a means of looking for court files, you should not expect to see a database that contains all that you need to know about a certain individual because of confidentiality laws.

When you go online, you just visit their website at www.co.hansford.tx.us to find out information regarding sources of court records. If you plan to visit the courthouses, there is also information about them on the website. There are many courthouses in Hansford County. One of them is their constitutional court, which is located at 16 NW Court Street, Spearman, Texas. You can reach the court at (806) 659-4100. Hansford County also has the 84th District Court, found at 15 NW Court Street, Spearman, Texas. Their contact number is (806) 659-4110. There are also other courthouses and you can find details about them by going to their official website. A county clerk is also present to assist you in your search. You can call this person at (806) 659-4110 or fax them at (806) 659-4168. The address of the county clerk is 15 NW Court, Spearman, Texas.

Hansford Public Library can also help with the research of court dockets. It is located at 122 Main Street, Spearman, Texas. You can contact them at (806) 659-2231 regarding their library hours before you visit them. You can also go to Gruver City Library at 504 Kin Street, Gruver, Texas, or call them at (806) 659-2231.

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