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This article will explain to you why Culberson County court dockets are available for public use. People come and go no matter what conditions apply. Such court records are provided so that you can find out whether a potential friend or business partner is trustful enough or not. There are quite a few ways to obtain them. It can be slow or fast, free or for a fee.

If you want to investigate people living within Culberson County, there are four courthouse divisions with eight branches that you can visit. The two district court branches are located in the county seat of Van Horn. They offer free customer assistance through phone at 432-283-2058, and faxing 432-283-9234. The constitutional court is located here as well that can be reached at 432-283-2059.

Most justice court precincts are to be found in Van Horn. Precinct 1 can be mailed at PO Box 367, Van Horn, TX 79855. Their phone number is 432-283-2609. Use 432-283-9272 for sending fax messages. The post office box number of Precinct 2 is 1584, their phone number is (432-283-8439), and their fax number is (432-283-9234).

To some extent, it is tiring to visit each and every courthouse division. Therefore, an effortless way is to seek consultation from a county official. The county and district court files are handled by one person. His office can be found at the district court. You can reach him through email at [email protected].

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