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Court records contain detailed transcriptions of the legal proceedings that take place in Navarro county courtrooms. Almost all of these court documents can be accessed provided that you follow the county’s law and retrieve information from the court in a legal manner. Some records are made confidential in accordance with the state’s laws, while others are made confidential based on the judge’s decision.

There are several ways to gain access to court records that are made public. Navarro County has a lot of court precincts. If you are investigating a person, try visiting the court precinct they live in. Navarro County Justice of the Peace Court Precincts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are located at 312 W. 2nd Avenue, Corsicana, Texas. You can call them at (903) 654-3060 or fax them at (903) 654-3092. In addition, the county’s constitutional courts are located at 300 W. 3rd Avenue #102, Corsicana, Texas. You can call them at (903) 654-3025 or fax them at (903) 872-0778. Another alternative is to visit Navarro Countys official website for an easy and convenient search. Their website is

If you are not satisfied with these resources for finding Navarro County court records, you can go to the public library in Navarro County, which is the Corsicana Library. It is located at 100 N. 12th Street, Corsicana, Texas. You can contact them at (903) 654-4810 prior to your visit to make sure they have the relevant documents that you are looking for.

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