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If you look at the map of Texas, Comanche County sits in the central part of the state. This noble county is where the Texas Central Railroad began its operation by transporting cattle and cotton. Its soil was distinguished as the most fertile and was able to grow over 70,000 fruit-bearing trees in 1920. During the devastation period, the people began experimenting with peanut farming and rain making. This was a very productive county with a low mortality rate.

Then again, the common factor that stands out from every comparable historical timeline is the courthouse. This is because everyone can be a potential scam victim if court decisions are not filed accordingly. Anyone can go through an assortment of court dockets to check out personal backgrounds. The information below will help you find where to search for public court records in Comanche County.

The district court, constitutional court and justice court are located in one spot. You can find them at 101 West Central Avenue, Comanche, TX 76442. Every court division has its own hotline number for everyones convenience. You can dial 325-356-5202 to reach the district court, 325-356-2466 for the constitutional court, and 325-356-3543 for the justice court.

One branch of the municipal court is located at 110 East Grand Avenue, Comanche, TX 76442. Their phone number is 325-356-7129. Another branch is located at 125 South Texas Street, PO Box 318, De Leon, TX 76444. You can dial 254-893-6851 to phone them or 254-893-3254 for instant fax messaging.

The Comanche County clerk is also happy to assist you in any way he can. You can phone him at (325-356-2655), send a fax to (325-356-5764), or send an email to ([email protected]).

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