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Reports say that court files are in high demand. They sure are and it goes beyond what you think. Whether its court dockets, court decisions or court records, they all boil down to one purpose. These documents are being used when running background checks in different circumstances. You might want to track someone or learn about your ancestors. Every file is out of harm’s way since every county in Texas has its own courthouse.

It is said that the best source of information is to go online. These facts proved them wrong. It does not matter anyway. Just look at the inconsistency of numbers. An online source states that the total population of Terrell County in 2000 was 1,081. Another online provider for the Texas clerk of court records states that the countys population in 2008 was 1,020. One of the major search engines states that the population reached 10,293. This was in July of the same year.

The best source where you can find Terrell County court records is at the courthouse. This is the place where court files are supervised by legitimate clerk of courts. The two branches of district court and the constitutional court are established along East Hackberry in Sanderson. You can reach the district courts through phone at 432-345-2391, while the constitutional court can be reached at 432-345-2421.

Precincts 1, 3 and 4 of the justice court are all reachable at PO Box 368, Sanderson TX 79848 while precinct 2 is at PO Box 434. You can call any precinct at 432-345-2341.

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