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It is a known fact that almost everything can now be found in the internet. However, there are still a number of states and their counties that are not yet fully comfortable with posting sensitive files like court orders and court records online. Therefore, if you are searching for anything that deals with court cases and the like, the first source that you should go to is the district and county court.

Rockwall County makes it easier for those who are in search of court orders in this county to retrieve the information they need. They are very visible on the internet, where you can get information about their offices. The district court is located at 1101 Ridge Rd, #209, Rockwall, Texas, and you can visit them during office hours for your court needs. They are also very reachable through the use of telephone, so you can call them at this number: 972-204-6610. A website is available to provide ease of access to those who rely on the help of the internet. You can visit their site by just following this link:

You can visit the county court at its physical address, 1101 Ridge Rd, #101, Rockwall, Texasjust a couple of meters away from the District Court. You are welcome to call them on the phone at 972-204-6410. Although their county court does accept all major credit cards, their district court does not, so it would be better to be prepared with cash when you visit them.

Lastly, if none of the above options can provide the court records and court information that you want, you may visit the Rockwall County Public Library located at 105 S 1st St, Rockwall, TX 75087-3649, or you may call them at 972-882-0340.

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