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Motley County is found in the State of Texas. As part of the United States, Texas follows the countrys laws that pertain to disclosure of court records. Because of this, Motley County does not release a public copy of court proceedings unless permitted by the court. You cant find an online list of these records. However, you can find the people and places you can contact to access this information.

Motley County has an official website which you can browse to learn where and how to find such documents. This website is You can find the courthouses and county clerks that you can visit. Some of the courthouses addresses and contact numbers are given below:

Motley County Constitutional Court

P.O. Box 719, Matador, Texas

Phone: (806) 347-2334

Fax: (806) 347-2072

Motley County 110th District Court

100 Main Street, Flordada, Texas

Phone: (806) 647-2621

Motley Justice of the Peace Court

P.O. Box 657, Matador, Texas

Phone: (806) 347-2204

Fax: (806) 347-2161

Matador Municipal Court

P.O. Box 346, Matador, Texas

Phone: (806) 347-2204

The county clerk is located on Main Street in Matador, Texas. You may contact them by mail at P.O. Box 66, Matador, Texas. You can call them at (806) 347-2621. The county clerk is responsible for storing and filing all the court documents in the county.

Motley County also has a county library where you can go and see court files. It is located at 1105 Main Street, Matador, Texas. You can call them at (806) 347-2717.

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