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Government and court databases of Gaines County, Texas have limited availability online. There are laws that prohibit the release of detailed court information in order to maintain confidentiality and uphold privacy. If you are having a hard time looking for these pertinent documents online, dont worry. There are various ways to find court dockets.

The best place to begin your search is the county clerks office, located at 101 So. Main, Room 107, Seminole, Texas 79360. The county clerk can guide you in obtaining court dockets. You can give the office a call at (432) 758-4033. If you prefer fax, their fax number is (432) 758-1442.

If visiting the county clerk will not put you at ease, you may also call the district court at (432) 758-4013. If you want to immediately have the court documents on hand, you can pay them a visit at 101 S Main, Room 213, Seminole, TX 79360. For a greater chance of retrieving the files you are looking for, especially if they are old files, you may directly deal with the county court authorities at 101 S Main, Rm 107, Seminole, Texas 79360. Their phone number is (432) 758-4003 and their fax number is (432) 758-1442.

Lastly, if you have variety of court documents to retrieve and the above options cannot provide them to you in just one sitting, you may visit the county libraries, where all court dockets are kept. The Seminole Library is located at 704 Hobbs Highway, Seminole, Texas 79360. They can be contacted at (432) 758-4007. Another library that you can visit is the Seagraves Library at 311 Hill Street, PO Box 366, Seagraves, Texas 79359. Their phone number is (806) 546-2480.

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