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There is no wonder why Comal County has quite a lot of courthouse divisions and branches. To enumerate a few notable years, this county is where Native Americans inhabited and it was broken up into eight school districts. It was known to be the heart of the industrialization industry and transport services with the biggest commercial chambers in Texas.

Going back to the courthouse issue, this is a specialized case of historical fact. Court decisions are more focused on everyones personal background. It is not particular with specific identity status. As long as you are a citizen of Comal County, there is a chance that you can be a part of history. This is because when you committed something offensive or whenever there is presence of a clerk of court required to validate particular information, it is recorded in a form of court records. It will later be summarized into court dockets as the list goes on.

There are about fourteen courthouse branches in Comal County. The complete directory listing could be enumerated here, but it will be complicated for you to choose which courthouse to go to. It is suggested that you approach the clerk of court for further assistance.

The Comal County clerks office is located at 150 N Seguin, Ste 101, New Braunfels, TX, 78130. You can also contact them by phone at 830-221-1230, fax at 830-620-3410, or email at [email protected]. If not, you can proceed to the district clerks office at Ste 304 or you can call 830-221-1250.

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