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Generally, there are quite a lot of court divisions in every county of Texas. The purpose of this is to categorize court records according to the level of offense. In this way, you can find specific information right away. Most counties are now accessible online with a large database of court records.

In Walker County, you can approach the county clerk and you will be directed to the court division that can provide the best answer for your requests. The office is located at Room 201 of University Avenue in Huntsville City. You can get through to the clerk by calling 409-291-9500. Two of the Walker County district courts are located at the same address in Huntsville City. You can speak to them at 936-436-4972 or fax them at 936-436-4973. The constitutional court is also located here. You can call them at 936-436-4910 or fax to 936-436-4914. The court of can be found at this address as well. You may call them at 936-436-4919 or fax to 936-435-4920.

Here is a detailed list of Justice of the Peace court precincts:

Precinct 1

717 FM 2821 West #300, Huntsville City

Phone: 936-436-4966 Fax: 936-436-4965

Precinct 2

102 Tam Road #A, Huntsville City

Phone: 936-436-4977 Fax: 936-436-4980

Precinct 3

2986 A SH 19, Huntsville City

Phone: 936-436-4988 Fax: 936-436-4987

Precinct 4

9360 Hwy 75 S, New Waverly City

Phone: 936-435-8750 Fax: 936-435-8049

The last place that you can go is the municipal court. You can find it at 717 FM 2821 West, Ste 200, Huntsville City. You can call them at 936-291-5476 or fax to 936-295-8097.

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