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Court dockets are records of court proceedings. They are confidential matters. Therefore, the disclosure of these files is restricted in counties in Texas, such as Hall County. You cannot find an online record of court dockets since those are prohibited by law in the United States. The only ways to acquire them are to visit the countys courthouses, the official website, or public libraries.

On Hall County’s official website, you will find the different courthouses and where to locate them. Aside from that, you will also be provided with information regarding other sources of court documents. You can go to www.hallcountytexas.com to find out more about the different sources. Below is a list of the courthouses found in Hall County, and their corresponding addresses and contact details.

Hall County Constitutional Court

512 Main Street, Suite 4, Memphis, Texas

Phone: (806) 259-2511

Hall County 100th District Court

512 Main Street, Suite 8, Memphis, Texas

Phone: (806) 259-2627 Fax: (806) 259-5078

Hall County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

P.O. Box 1, Turkey, Texas

Phone: (806) 423-1498

Hall County Justice of the Peace Precincts 1, 2 & 3

512 Main Street, Suite 3, Memphis, Texas

Phone: (806) 259-3116

Memphis Municipal Court

721 Robertson Street, Memphis, Texas

Phone: (806) 259-3539

Estelline Municipal Court

P.O. Box 69, Estelline, Texas

Phone: (806) 888-1762

You can also seek help from the county clerk, who holds all the public and court files. You can contact this person by phone at (806) 259-2627 or by fax at (806) 259-5078. You can also personally ask assistance by visiting at 512 Main Street, Ste. 8, Memphis, Texas.

If you still do not have enough information from these sources, you can visit the public library in Hall County. It is located at 303 South 8th St., Memphis, Texas. Its phone number is (806) 259-2062.

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