How to Find Free Court Dockets and Records in Burleson County, Texas

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This article will guide you in a search for Burleson County, Texas public court dockets. You will find a list of courthouse divisions and branches where you can dig up specific court records and court decisions in Burleson County.

You can find a district court with two branches at this address: 100 West Buck Street, Suite 303, Caldwell, TX 77836. You can use this when sending a message through the post office or you can give them a call using this number: 979-567-2336. A constitutional court is located in suite 306 of the same address. They accept phone calls at 979-567-2329 and fax messages at 979-567-2376.

You may contact precinct 1 of the justice court at P.O. Box 136, Deanville, TX 77853. You can call them at 979-535-4761 or fax them at 979-535-7344. You can contact Precinct 2 at P.O. Box 250, Snook, TX 77878. You may call them at 979-272-3656 or fax to 979-272-4501. You can find Precinct 3 near the district court. Their office is located in Suite 101 and can be reached by phone at 979-567-2302 or by fax at 979-567-0587. You can contact Precinct 4 at P.O. Box 142, Lyons, TX 77863. You may reach them by phone at 979-596-14120 or by fax at 979-596-3795.

You can find one municipal court branch at 1105 Commerce Street, Caldwell, TX 77836 or you can dial 979-567-7197 to give them a call. The other branch can be found at 150 Eighth Street, P.O. Box 159, Somerville, TX 77879 and can be reached by dialing this number: 979-596-3068.

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