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Like many other counties under the jurisdiction of Texas, Mitchell County does not host an online database of court records not even a list of court cases and criminal records. If you are looking for court documents in Mitchell County, the best way for you to acquire them is by dealing with the court authorities.

Here are some options you might want to consider for your court records search. The first option is to visit the district court, located at 100 East Third, #204A, Sweetwater, Texas 79556-4572. The district courts phone number is (325) 235-3133. Your second option is the county constitutional court, located at 349 Oak Street, Room 200, Colorado City, Texas 79512. If you are in a hurry, you may also call them by dialing (325) 728-8439.

You may also head to the county clerks office, located at 349 Oak Street, Room 103, Colorado City, Texas 79512. The clerks telephone number is (325) 728-3481. The county clerk can give you directions and guidance in your Mitchell County court records search.

Now, depending on the court documents you are looking for, the county public library may help you retrieve the court records you want. The library, like the courthouses, keeps court records, as well as older court files. You may reach Mitchell County Public Library by calling them at (325) 728-3968. It is located at 304 Oak Street, Colorado City, Texas 79512-6213. Learn about the library online through their website,

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