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In Ward County, a small part of its main city expands around Winkler County. The city is the birthplace of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga. She said it herself during her interview with Jay Leno. Although the county does not show even the slightest negativity, its neighbor is linked to corruption. There is a high chance for people that are fraudulent in nature to invade the county and look for potential victims.

This does not mean that Ward County is not a safe place to live in. Court divisions continue to exist as a preventative measure. Court records are available for public access so that you will be aware whether the person you just met is violent or not.

Most court divisions in Ward County can be found within Monahans City. The district court is located along Allen Street. If you do not want to be identified, you can call them at 432-943-2751. You can also fax them at 432-943-3810. The constitutional court is located along the same street. You can call them at 432-943-3200 or fax to 432-943-5010.

The Justice of Peace Court of Ward County has four precinct divisions that are located along Stockton Street. You can call Precinct 1 and 4 at 432-943-5060 or fax to 432-943-3138. For Precinct 2 and 3, you can call 432-943-7237 or fax to 432-943-2630.

Ward County has a municipal court that can be found along Bruce Avenue. You can reach them at 432-943-6361. Another municipal court is located in Wickett City. You can reach them at 432-943-6765.

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