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Are you searching for court case information about a certain person but don’t know where to go? This should not be a problem. Court proceedings transcribed in court records are private matters. There are laws followed by certain states under the jurisdiction of U.S. that restrict the disclosure of such sensitive data. Texas, being under the U.S. law, applies this policy. Therefore, its many counties, including Ochiltree, abide by it. However, you can still access this information.

Going online or visiting the county courthouses are some of the ways you can have access to such documents. Ochiltree County’s official website is www.co.ochiltree.tx.us. From there you have a fast and reliable way of looking for public records such as marriage, divorce, and criminal records. The website also provides you with the different courthouses found in Ochiltree as well as their addresses. The courthouse is located at 511 S Main Street, Perryton, Texas. You can contact them at (806) 435-8039 or fax to (806) 435-2081. You can ask help from the county clerk at the same address and contact numbers given above.

If what you are looking for are not sufficiently provided by any of the given options, your last choice is to visit Ochiltree County’s nearest public library. The county’s public library is Perry Memorial Library located at 22 SE 5th Avenue, Perryton Texas. You can also contact them at (806) 435-5801.

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