How to Search Out Public Court Dockets in Brazos County, Texas

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Surprisingly, here is another Texas county with a handful of interesting historical notes. The main city of Brazos County was previously named Boonville and known as the area where the central railroad was built. Bryan City has large venues that can accommodate thousands of people watching their favorite sports activities like football, racing, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, softball, tennis and hockey.

This means that there will be more courthouse divisions in this county as well. In this way, you have enough sources to search out public court dockets and other related court decisions.

Brazos County has a district court with three branches. All of them are located at 300 East 26th Street in Bryan City. You can make your requests by phone at 979-361-4228 or by fax at 979-361-0197. This county has another district court division called the magistrate court. This is where the major criminal cases are being processed. Just ask the clerk of court for more information. You can email the clerk at [email protected].

You can find a constitutional court at 200 South Texas Avenue, as well as two more courts. Brazos County has a justice court with five precinct divisions. You can find them at College Station, South Texas Avenue and North Washington Avenue. Two municipal court branches are located on South Tabor Avenue and Krenek Tap Road.

To find out exactly which courthouse you should go to, you can speak to the elected officials of Brazos County. You can either email the county clerk at [email protected] or the chief appraiser at [email protected].

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