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Hardeman is one of the counties in Texas that does not provide an online database of court proceedings. They are compiled in court records that are kept confidential, and disclosure is regulated by law. The good thing is that the court may grant partial disclosure as long as you follow the legal ways of finding and obtaining the files.

The most helpful places to look for court orders are the courthouses. There are five courthouses found in Hardeman County. You may visit them anytime you wish. You can also access their information through en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardeman_County,_Texas. Here are the addresses and contact numbers:

Hardeman County Constitutional Court

P.O. Box 30, Quanah, Texas

Phone: (940) 663-2901 Fax: (940) 663-5161

Hardeman County 46th District Court

P.O. Box 30, Quanah, Texas

Phone: (940) 663-2901 Fax: (940) 663-5161

Hardeman County Justice of the Peace

P.O. Box 607, Quanah, Texas

Phone: (940) 663-5932

Chillicothe Municipal Court

P.O. Box 546, Chillicothe, Texas

Phone: (940) 852-5211

Quanah Municipal Court

109 King Street, P.O. Box 629, Quanah, Texas

Phone: (940) 663-2772

If you need someone to guide you in your search, Hardeman County also has a county clerk present to help you. This person can be mailed at P.O. Box 30, Quanah, Texas, and may be contacted at (940) 663-2961 or faxed at (940) 663-5161.

If you find these sources insufficient, you can still visit the public library of the county, Thompson Sawyer Public Library. It is located at 403 West 3rd Street, Quanah, Texas.

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