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Are you looking for court dockets in Montague County? Having a hard time? That is because Montague County does not provide an online listing of court records, court cases, or even court decisions. These files are considered private and sensitive, since names of individuals involved need to be protected.

However, there are still other ways to obtain court dockets legally. Before your search, you may take a look at the countys website to see how their court system works. The countys website is

You can start your search by visiting the district court where court files under district level are kept. The Montague County 97th District Court is located at 101 East Franklin, P.O. Box 155, Montague, Texas 76251. For direct answers to your questions, you may call the courthouse at (940) 894-2571. You can also fax the courthouse at (940) 894-2077. In addition to the district court, you may also contact the county court at P.O. Box 475, Montague, Texas 76251. The county courts phone number is (940) 894-2401. These two courthouses can help you retrieve the court dockets you are seeking. However, in case the courthouses fail you, you may directly approach the county clerks office. The county clerks mailing address is P.O. Box 77, Montague, Texas 76251. You may also call the clerks office by dialing (940) 894-2461. Fax is also available at (940) 894-6601.

You can also visit the countys public libraries. You have two library options to choose from. The Nocona Public Library is located at 10 Cookie Street, Nocona, Texas 76255. The phone number is (940) 825-6373. The second one is Bowie Public Library, located at 301 Walnut Street, Bowie, Texas 76230. The phone number is (940) 872-2681.

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