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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Are you concerned that a friend or loved one has an arrest warrant out for them? Or, perhaps, you know that they had a warrant out for them in Howard County, but you’re not sure whether or not they’ve been arrested. Thankfully, this information can be straightforward to access if you know the right places to look.

As a quick side note, please take caution against using any private businesses to get this information. Although some are reliable, many more are simply scam attempts designed to extract as much money from you as possible.

Therefore, we advise starting by getting into contact with the Sheriff of Howard County. You can find these offices at 300 South Main St #207, in Big Spring, Texas 79720. You can also call the Sheriff’s Office at 432-264-2213, and visit their website at Request to be put through to the officer in charge of arrest warrants. You should be aware that some counties do not provide this information over the phone, and you will be required to appear in person to make a warrant request.

To see if the person you’re looking for has been arrested in Howard County or any other county in the state of Texas, then you will want to use the offender information search tool provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Provided by a public institution, this tool will tell you the crimes and biographical information of all of Texas prisoners. You can find this tool at

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