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Are you worried that a family member or friend you haven’t heard from may have been arrested? If that individual has a tendency to get into trouble and you haven’t heard from them in a while, then who knows? Maybe they are in prison. Maybe they are hiding out, trying to evade an arrest warrant, and they’re worried that the police are looking for them.

Regardless of why you might fear a friend, associate, or family member recently acquired a criminal record or even an active arrest warrant, it is possible to find out this information for Edwards County, Texas. Unfortunately, there are no online forms that will allow you to search for this information, meaning that you will instead need to contact either the Edwards County Sheriffs Office or another institution that houses records like this.

Edwards County, Texas, has a separate webpage for the Sheriff of that county. You can find it at http://www.edwardscountytexas.us/Sheriff/Sheriff.htm. Unfortunately, it has no information that deals with arrest records or active arrest warrants for Edwards County.

You can contact the Sheriff of Edwards County by phone at 830-683-4104 or by post at PO Box 156, Rocksprings, TX 78880.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice maintains an excellent resource for viewing the arrest records of those currently in the Texas jail system. You can find this resource at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp.

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