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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Every once in awhile, a website comes along that ends up being exactly what you need it do be. For Texas, particularly if youre searching for arrest records and warrants for Comal County, this website would be that of the Comal County Sheriffs Office.

Housing information above and beyond the call of what other Texas sheriffs believe to be their duty, Comal County makes it easy to find most of the information that deals with arrest records and warrants. To begin with though, you should probably check out their home page, which can be accessed here:

Now, one of the resources that really ought to be universally available but which is only so on a limited basis is that of the Top Ten Most Wanted for any given county. This information can be used to find out who has the strongest arrest warrants out for them (although it is not an exhaustive list!). You can find this page at

On a similar note, you can even read about the Crime of the Week, which changes every week and can be a story of human interest. This is at

To ask the sheriff of Comal County about arrest warrants, you should call their hotline at 800-640-8422.

Unfortunately, one of the things this website does not detail are actual arrest records. You can thankfully find complete jail listings, which also detail arrest records, at this page: .

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