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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

If you have children or even just people you care for, you have undoubtedly experienced severe pangs of concern whenever you hear about crimes committed nearby you or even crimes that could have happened to your family. Because so many crimes are committed by those persons that already have an arrest warrant active in their name, or even persons that were once in prison, knowing who has been arrested, who will be arrested, and even who is in prison can be instrumental in protecting your family.

This means that you should always check new social contacts for their arrest warrant records and if they are a registered sex offender. Getting access to arrest warrant information will require that you contact the Hardeman Sheriffs Office, which you can do by heading on down to their offices at 318 Mercer Street Quanah, Texas.

Thankfully, looking up sex offender information is significantly easier. This can be done by simply visiting the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website and looking at their sex offender registry page.

If you’re looking for criminal history of a particular person, then this is also a fairly easy process, requiring you only to visit this page: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DpsWebsite/CriminalHistory/ and fill out the requested information. Please note that certain kinds of searches will incur a small fee.

Is it possible to obtain information about Hardeman County arrest warrants and recent arrests by phone? (2021-Update)

  • To learn about recent arrests, contact the Hardeman County Jail at (940) 663-5375.
  • To request an accident report, arrest records and an incident report, contact the Hardeman Sheriff’s Office at (940) 663-5374.
  • To know about Hardeman County arrest warrants, call the judiciary at (940)663-2911.
  • To request information on victim and witness program, call the Hardeman County Attorney’s Office at (940)663-5222.
  • To begin a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at (940)663-2901.

Crime statistics of Hardeman County

The Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office received 18 criminal complaints in 2019. The figure included 13 criminal misdemeanors and 5 felonies.

There were 10 larceny thefts, 3 burglaries, and 0 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. The reported felonies included 5 cases of aggravated assault.


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