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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Arrest warrants in Texas operate as a direct extension of Texan authority to apprehend, try, and potentially even convict those who believe to be guilty of a crime. Although specific counties, like San Saba County, issue all arrest warrants, they are active across the state’s entirety. This means that persons for whom there is an active San Saba County warrant cannot flee to another county with the belief that they cannot still be arrested. For warrant creation to occur in San Saba County, TX, officers of the peace must present evidence to a judge in a San Saba County courthouse. Provided that the judge accepts the evidence as provided, an arrest warrant will be issued. All warrants must include the name of the individual, the crime they are thought to have committed, and the authorizing judge or magistrate’s signature. Once an active San Saba County TX warrant is issued, officers have 48 hours to arrest the suspect.

The best place to start a San Saba County warrants search is through the San Saba County Sheriffs Office. You may make your inquiry either in person or over the phone. The address of this office is 500 E. Wallace, in San Saba, TX 76877.  If you’re searching for San Saba County TX arrest records, you should either use the TDCJ’s Offender Information Search tool at or use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you find that you have an active warrant in San Saba, TX, we strongly advise turning yourself over to authorities as soon as possible. However, contacting a defense attorney is also highly advisable.

You can view the full warrant law of Texas at

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a San Saba County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)

  • To get information on recent arrests, contact Jail Bookings-(325) 372-3277
  • To get a case search done, contact the Clerk of Court at (325)372-3614.
  • To get information on outstanding warrants, contact the San Saba County Court at (325)372-3635.
  • To get help for victims, dial the phone number of the San Saba County Attorney’s Office at (325)372-3747.
  • To request accident reports and arrest records, contact the police at (325) 372-5551.

Crime statistics of San Saba County

In 2019, a few over 30 crimes were reported in San Saba County. Of these, 27 were property crimes, and around 8 were violent crimes.

Property crimes included 7 larceny-theft cases and 10 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included 8 instances of aggravated assault.

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