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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

If you really wanted to, you could literally spend days combing the web for really good information that deals with arrest records and warrants for Clay County, Texas. But who has the time, the energy, or eve the drive to do that? We all want to find the information were looking for quickly, and to not be hassled with irrelevant details. Thankfully, websites like ours specialize in getting exactly this information for you.

While not all of this is available online, you will still be able to get it provided youre willing to make a phone call.

The information that requires a phone call is that which deals with arrest warrants. Although some counties in the state of Texas provide arrest warrants online, Clay County, at least at the current time, does not. You will want to give them a call at 940-538-5611 to ask about arrest warrants.

If youre just trying to get details about who is who in Texas prisons, then the best resource available will actually be one that is online. This resource, provided by the Texas DCJ, will even tell you what individual perpetrators did to land themselves in jail. Their home page can be found at The search tool that youre going to want to familiarize yourself with, however, can be found here: . To use it, simply fill out the requested details, and browse the results.

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