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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

If youve spent any time searching for arrest records and warrants for nearly any county in the state of Texas, then youve probably discovered that the difficult truth of the situation is that often, such records are not available online. This is often due to inadequate official resources, funding, or even privacy issues but none of these are the case for Ector County, Texas.

Your search for arrest records and warrants for Ector County should begin at the Ector County Sheriffs Office website. You can find the home page for this website at if you wish to browse it yourself, or you can read on for our link recommendations.

To look up arrest warrants for this county, you may want to start by familiarizing yourself with some of the details. You can find a page which details these at You can find a list of all of the persons currently wanted in Ector County at, as well as images of these persons.

If youre searching for arrest records for Ector County, then this same website will still be able to help you. Youll want to start by visiting this page: From here, simply click on the type of information that youre looking for. There are specific fields for arrests within the last 24 hours, which will detail all persons having been arrested in that period. By the same token, you can also view a list of all of the inmates currently in jail.

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