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Different people have different reasons for accessing the arrest records and warrants of people in Angelina, Texas. Maybe you’re just a curious sort that cannot help but have questions about the new guy at work or the new neighbors down the street. Maybe you haven’t seen your nephew in a while and fear for the worse. Maybe you’re just worried that there is a warrant out for you, and you need to know now so you can do something about it.

Your reasons don’t matter. What does matter is having a solid plan for accessing arrest records and arrest warrants for Angelina County, Texas, so that you can spend your time taking care of the issues these records can represent instead of wasting it figuring out where to look.

Your best place to start is through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The TDCJ houses and maintains just about every record of people currently in prison anywhere in Texas. You can take advantage of this fact to get information without even needing to speak to an official. Their search tool, located at, provides a look at every person currently dealing with being prosecuted by the state.

You can also contact the Angelina County Sheriffs Office, either by telephone or in-person. Be warned, though: if there is, in fact, a record out for you, you will likely be arrested and processed on the spot. Their website can be found at You can visit the office in person at 2311 E. Lufkin Ave., in Lufkin, Texas.


Will a phone call get you any information relating to warrants or arrests from Angelina County? (2021-update)

Yes, you will get some information but whether it will prove useful or not will depend on exactly what it is that you are looking for. Let’s talk about the details that state agencies are actually comfortable offering over the phone:

  • The Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office: 936-639-8762- Police reports and details on getting local background checks done.
  • Warrants Division: 936-639-8763. Brief information on active warrants.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: 936-639-8747- Information on a criminal matter only for victims and witnesses.
  • Sex Offender Registration Division: 936-639-8734- To register and for information about sex offenders.
  • Angelina County Jail: 936-634-2724- Arrest records and visitation details.
  • Detention Center Book-In Desk: 936-639-8723- Information on recent arrests.
  • Inmate pre-paid collect call account: 1-800-943-2189.
  • Juvenile Detention Center of Angelina County: 936-634-8689.
  • Judicial records: 936-634-4312-District Court dockets and 936-634-8339 county court dockets.


Crime statistics for Angelina County, TX

The year 2019 proved to be troubling for Angelina County as the rates of both property and violent crimes increased. Although the rise in the figures of violent crime was dismal, property crimes did pose a problem, going from an annual average of about 490 incidents in 2018 to well over 550 complaints in the following year. 


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