Arrest inquiry and warrant lookup in Austin, TX

Texas Arrest Reports and Warrant Search

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How do you get details on Austin arrest warrants and where should you go for an arrest inquiry?

All of you who are interested in a warrant check and/or details on Austin arrests, sure are in luck because the local police department as well as the Sheriff’s Office of Travis County offer a wealth of information online. From police reports from Austin PD to their warrant list and from the arrest log for Travis County to a subject specific arrest report and more can be found online. In this article, we will talk about how to access this information easily and for free. So, stick around…

What options are available to find Austin arrest records?

Information on recent arrests in Austin can be accessed from the website of local PD as well as the Travis County Sheriff’s Department, as the latter manages the detention facility where the arrested individuals are centrally processed.

  1. To access the arrests records through the website of Austin PD, go to The arrest log can be searched by using the name of the subject, his/her booking number or the charges filed against the accused. If you are interested in the arrest log for the area, you can access details on all custodial detentions by using the “booking date range” search feature.
  2. To access jail records for Austin through the Sheriff’s Office of Travis County, go to This is also a name-based arrest inquiry that will work even if you have just the last name of the subject.

In addition to these, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office also provides an online facility to look up the time spent in custody by a particular detainee. However, this is a subject and case specific inquiry, which means you will need the case number of the accused to access this feature. You will find this tool at

How do you launch a warrant search in Austin?

For a warrant search, you can, once again, rely on both the office of Austin PD as well as Travis County Sheriff’s Department.

  • APD offers this facility at You will need either the first and the last name of the subject or the last name and the birthdate to initiate the warrant check.
  • The Sheriff’s Office of Travis offers its warrant check facility at Outstanding warrants can be found by using the last name and the date of birth of a suspect. You can also use the first name to narrow down the results of the warrant inquiry.

In what way can the judiciary help to find details on Austin arrests and warrants?

When you approach a judicial office for information on arrest warrants or police detentions, you are essentially requesting the agency to release information about the criminal case that involved the issue of the warrant or that led to the arrest. Here are two sources that offer such data:

Crime Stats for Austin, TX

Austin was already in the list of cities in the US with the highest crime rates. In 2019, the law and order situation worsened further registering a rise of nearly 15% in violent crimes and almost 20% in property crimes.