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This article will show you the different locations where you can get hold of such documents at once. For the most part, Tom Green County court decisions are prepared by an authorized county official.

Tom Green County has courthouses with about five divisions and twelve branches. All of them can be found in the capital city of San Angelo. You can choose a nearby courthouse to seek professional help without wasting a lot of time.

For the district court, all four branches can be found at 112 West Beauregard. They are open on regular business days and can be reached by phone and fax. To look for civil court records, call 325-659-6579 or send a fax to 325-659-3241. To look for criminal court records, call 325-659-6582 or send a fax to 325-659-6412. The constitutional court can also be found here. They have their own contact numbers to facilitate transactions better. You can phone them at 325-653-3318 or fax them at 325-659-3258.

Two courts at law can be found at 122 West Harris Avenue. Like the constitutional court, each court at law uses different phone and fax numbers. The main court at law can be called at 915-659-6559 or faxed at 915-659-6457. The other branch can be called at 325-658-2495 or faxed at 325-659-6458.

Tom Green County has a justice court with four precinct branches and a municipal court. It would be stressful to visit all of them. To get legal advice, the best way is to call the county clerk at 325-659-6553

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