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Texas Court Records Search

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Court proceedings are transcribed in detailed court dockets. If you want to investigate a certain person residing in Orange County, Texas you can access his or her records through an appropriate process.

Though the majority of the files are kept confidential due to state laws and judge’s discretion, information can still be accessed. In Orange County, you can collect such records by visiting their website, From there, you have access to all pertinent public records including the court cases. If there is not enough information online, you can always visit the county’s courthouse. There are many courthouses in Orange County. From their website you can search for their exact locations. Orange County Constitutional Court is located at 123 S 6th Street. You can also contact them at (409)-882-7070. If you have any concerns regarding your sources, the county clerk can lend you a hand. You can call them at (409) 882-7055.

For more docket sources, you can go to Orange County Public Library at 220 N 5th Street or call them at (409) 883-1086. Vidor Public Library also compiles public documents in Orange County. It is located at 440 E Bolivar, Vidor. Bridge City Public Library offers the same service and you can visit it at 101 Parkside Dr, Bridge City.


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